Be Spendsible, Become ThriftyRich

Hi! Ever have that feeling that you can't reach your financial goals? Are you always one step behind? That is where we help, we get you one step ahead.  

We are building a unique savings platform to help you reach your financial goals....


The secret to creating lasting financial change is to decide to pay yourself first and then make it automatic.

- David Bach -

Did you know: 30 for 30 rule

To reach the top 1% in net wealth, you only need to save $30 a day for 30 years! If you do this one simple rule you will have $1 Million. Pretty simple right?

What is the problem then? 30 years is a long time and we lose sight of what we want. Our daily expenses increase as our pay increases, we buy things we don't need, and on and on. Before we know it we spend $30 a day on stuff we don't really need. 

$1,000,000 Dollars Saved!

Why Getting To What You Want Is So Difficult

We all have goals we want that can be short term or long term like the 30 for 30, but why is so hard for many of us to reach them? We interviewed dozens of people from all different walks of life and found some common themes no matter your net worth, age, or race

We don't know where the money goes When we have lost sight of what is important to us, small and non-budgeted daily expenses consume more of our income. 

Our savings don't grow fast enough If you have a retirement account setup, you can see that grow overtime but you get no immediate reward. People tend to apply this same feeling to non-retirement accounts and thereby rarely reach the goals they set.

We Forget The Things We Love We trade daily instant satisfaction over long term goals for things we truly love. Those goals are strong enough to keep us working hard, but daily satisfaction almost always wins the battle because we think we can make it up later. 

Don't worry We Can Help You Achieve Your Goals!

"ThriftyRich helped me save over $1,300 over two months just on things I did not really need. I was able to pay off a credit card"

Susan G. - Real Estate Agent

"ThriftyRich helped me change my mindset to question every little expense I made. I am now contributing a lot more to my savings daily"

Shaun C - Small Business Owner

We Remind You What Is Important: Visual Goals

Our financial platform helps you build visual goals that remind you what is important. You can pick your favorite picture to represent each of your goals and contribute to them anytime you want.

We Make It Easy: Get ideas, start saving

From your phone, make your choice to save and take action. It is that simple. If you can make a daily habit to save at least one idea per day, you could save more than $2,500 per year.

Our community helps you: Saving Ideas

Skip that cup of coffee today, bring lunch to the office, or skip that last drink are all simple ways to save a few dollars. Our community gives you ideas, you choose to take advantage, and start saving to your goals.

ThriftyRich Is Coming Soon

Our Amazing platform is almost ready and this is your chance to be part of our very important Beta users. As a Beta user what do you get?

  •  Valuable Future Discounts on App Launch
  •  Your chance to help with new features
  •  You could be featured in future promotions
  •  Entered into Beta list subscriber only prizes
  •  The first to start saving and making a difference in your finances 


We Built This For You! We Want to Help Change Your Financial Life!